Designers Against Human Rights Abuse (DAHRA) was founded in the summer of 2008 by Rishi Sodha. A non-profit organisation, DAHRA exists to promote and raise awareness amongst those involved in the creative industry of their social, political and ethical responsibilities

In order to achieve this goal DAHRA focuses on a variety of issues that designers are passionate about and creates an environment where these voices can be united and heard. Through various mediums our members are encouraged to express their opinions in order to raise awareness, not only about these various causes, but also amongst other creatives and the responsibilities they have

It is important to note that DAHRA believes and supports equality for all people, animals and organisms and as such does not tolerate or promote discrimination of anyone or their values or beliefs. DAHRA exists as an aid to all creatives and not as a means to attack others

The topic of human rights is extremely broad and as such DAHRA aims to focus on both human rights violations by others as well as creatives. Therefore DAHRA also aims to promote knowledge of accessibility and correct design practice as well as raising awareness of other human rights violations worldwide

Image by: Pablo Alfieri